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The 13th Carolina Invitational Backgammon Championship will be held from
September 1 - 5, 2016 at the Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Airport.

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Faster Masters Starts Thursday

Arrive on Thursday to participate in this exciting format featuring 13 pt matches with mandatory clocks set at 10 seconds delay & 13 minutes reserve time. Qualifiers available.

Courtyard Charlotte Airport

Take advantage of our $93 per night group rate at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Airport. Make your hotel reservations no later than Monday, August 15th!

New Southern Swiss Format

The Carolina Invitational will use the Southern Swiss format for both the Championship and Advanced divisions. It is much like the "More Swiss" format, with a few adjustments.

Let us know you will be attending the 13th Carolina Invitational!

Be sure to complete our Entry Form to let us know you are planning on attending the 13th Carolina Invitational. Pre-registration is available for all events. Players may optionally choose to pay their registration deposits via PayPal. Deposits are optional for all Divisions and are not required for online registration. For any questions or assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.


Help us raise $500 to provide live match streaming

Please make a contribution of $10 or more to help us provide live match streaming from Charlotte! We will broadcast dual streams with a wired internet connection at a cost of $100 per day over 5 days. Our goal is to raise $500. All donators will be announced & thanked on!

Your donation will strictly be applied to assist in covering the costs of providing an excellent wired internet connection, allowing us to stream 2 matches simultaneously with superb quality. Any monies raised over and above our $500 actual cost, will be donated to the USBGF Streaming Fund to help provide live streaming at future tournaments for all to enjoy.

Tiered Entry & Prize Pool Details

The Carolina Invitational features a "Tiered Entry," with multiple optional prize pools. There are 2 or 3 separate Prize Pools, depending upon the division - the Base Pool, Equity Pool, and Pro Pool. All three Prize Pools are 100% payout. In all divisions, the Base Pool and Equity Pool pay out to all players who earn ABT points. The Pro Pool is available exclusively in the Championship division, and pays out only to the top finishers.

Southern Swiss Format

The Carolina Invitational will use the Southern Swiss format for the Championship and Advanced divisions. The format is essentially the "More Swiss" format, made famous by Rory Pascar, with a few adjustments. The biggest differences involve how payout positions and amounts are determined. Players will be eliminated when they get their fourth loss. Swiss pairings will continue until there is only one player with fewer than 3 losses.

13th Carolina Invitational

  • Pre-register for all tournament events via our online Entry Form
  • Players may opt to pay their pre-registration deposits via PayPal.
  • Clocks are required in the Championship Division, Faster Masters, Queen City Cup Masters Jackpot, & Doubles
  • 100% return in all Tiered Entry Prize Pools!
  • USBGF Prime Jackpots with $750 added money! Open to all, but only USBGF members are eligible for added money.
  • Phil Simborg presents two lectures, plus a proficiency contest
  • Skunk Dice! Proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association

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